The Girls

The Girls

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rehab success

Dottie has successfully completed chicken-hater rehab.  Travis removed her blinders and she's been reintegrated into the group.  Killer and Littlefoot (aka the victim) are getting along nicely.  AND Littlefoot's head feathers and comb grew back.  She's beautiful again. 

Birds of a feather, flock together

The NEW (not so mean) Killer

However, I'm  not sure Miss Bunny (MB) is happy about Killer not having blinders  I think she thought they were some sort of crown or something. As soon as those blinders came off, MB attacked Dottie.  "Great." I thought, this is a never ending cycle.  I supposed there has to be a ruler of the roost in every flock and apparently, it's MB's turn. 

Since that day though, I haven't noticed anything too violent.  Everyone seems to be getting along.  Except for the lack of butt feathers.  Are they still being plucked or are they just not growing back?  Who knows?...

Ginger's butt
Poor Ginger, she's been missing feathers for months.  She looks awful, but she's still a pretty sweet chicken.  I think she remembers all those times I gave her warm baths to help her poop when she was just a few weeks old because she let me pet her for a really long time today. Ginger doesn't bite the hand that feeds her.   
Scramble now has a bare (cold) booty too
Oh, by the way, sorry there are no photos of the chickens in Santa hats.  I haven't figured out how to get them on yet.  It's a work in progress.  It's been hard to take pictures because the chickens are asleep when I go to work and asleep when I get home.  I despise these short days.  The weather is so back and forth. 

We did put the heater out the other night when it was 19 degrees and the north wind was blowing really hard.  We've Clark Grizwalled the coop with wires... Pray it doesn't go up in flames and we have fried chickens on our hands...

Look, I know this is dangerous, but we only have 5 chickens (not enough to hurdle together and stay warm) and the north wind blows STRAIGHT through those top windows on the coop (and they choose to sleep on the roost right by the window) AND they have no butt feathers.  Come'on man, these girls have got to be cold.  We unplug it during the day... no worries.

Yes, I know this is a fire hazard

Heat lamp and hazardous wires
We're still getting 4 eggs a day. Do the math, we've still got a slacker, but I'm happy. Its enough to make quiche everyday.  ; )