The Girls

The Girls

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life After Chickens

The girls are trying to fatten up for this cold weather.  They are eating about 2 gallons of feed a week.   They are all still butt featherless, so I purchased gamebird feed to increase their protein intake.  Maybe they will have feathers by spring.  They are definitely not going to make me a blue ribbon winner at the Wagoner County Fair.  I guess my dreams were too big for them...sigh.

It's quiet around here since the days are so short.  I try to see the kids/chickens before I settle inside for the night, but I am afraid I am now just that human with the yummy meal worms to them.  (Ginger still loves me though.)   

How has my life changed since before we had chickens you ask?

I've given up Southern Living for chicken blogs and chicken mags....

I'm a regular at Atwoods...

I know the store hours to the farmers co-op...

I have chicken chores...(gather eggs, fill water, clean chicken poop, let the girls outside to play)

My new least favorite thing to do is refill their water before I leave for work in 25 degree weather. Brrr!!

I have a chicken babysitter...(thanks Kali)

I eat eggs ALL the time (egg salad, boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, quiche, egg fried rice, fried eggs etc...)

I know more about chickens than you do...

I don't buy store bought eggs... Never will again...

I love our feathered friends.