The Girls

The Girls

Monday, February 11, 2013

I like big butts and I cannot lie...

Sir Mix-a-lot anyone? Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller?

Anyway, my chickens have big, naked butts.


I've researched and researched and I have determined what the problem isn't.   My chickens don't have mites, lice, bugs, prolapse, sour crop (more on this later), and they aren't "egg bound" (they don't have an egg stuck in their butt).  I've come up with the only logical answer.... too many hens in the hen house!!  If these chickens are anything like me they can't stand to be cooped up with a bunch of women!  It's a behavioral issue.  I've read stories from other backyard chicken keepers and they say the same thing... pecking order.  Since I haven't been able to catch them in the act, I'm 98% sure they are plucking out each other's feathers at night while they are on the roost.   I'm going to have to install another roost.  "Travis!..."
MB didn't get her picture taken because she was too fast that day.  Also, she has most of her feathers.  Hmmmm....the main culprit?  I think so. 
And in case you are wondering, Dottie still thinks that she is the boss of Littlefoot.  However, Littlefoot has grown out of her namby-pamby stage and can handle her own now.  I caught the attack on camera this time. 
WARNING! Photos may contain disturbing images and may not be suitable for all audiences!
I call this photo "The Attack"

Scramble - "And I think I'll take THAT feather right here..."
Don't worry, this lasts for about 2 seconds and its over.  They all move on and go about their business... and eat scrambled EGGS!  : )  Don't tell the girls they made them.  It was left over from breakfast.