The Girls

The Girls

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Operation Chicken Week 1

The baby chicks have arrived. As they soak the rays of the red heat lamp I listen to their little "peeps," which has become a comforting sound, while I read my book, The Hunger Games. Yes, they are in the house. 

Let me introduce the flock... To your right we have Ginger.  Ginger, a Rhode Island Red, comes from a small town hatchery and is only six days old.  She is one of the smallest and is the strong, silent type.   I've noticed that she has a touch of narcolepsy and falls asleep without notice.  The other girls tried to pick on her at first, but little, fiery Ginger held her own. 

Miss Bunny
Next we have Miss Bunny.  Miss Bunny will be one of the largest of the flock, potentially weighing up to 8 pounds.  She will lay eggs of many colors, green, blue, possibly pink etc... she is known as the Easter Egg Chicken, therefore I decided to call her (Easter) Miss Bunny.  She pooped on me today so she either doesn't like me or doesn't like her name.  Regardless, I'm excited for her colorful eggs.

To your right we have the Buff Orpington named Scramble.  She, like Miss Bunny, should grow pretty large.  I thought Scramble was a better name than Shake and Bake...I'm not going to eat her (well, unless she doesn't cozy up to me) I am just going to eat her eggs.   She should produce large brown eggs (I think) that will make good scrambled eggs.  As you can see, she did not want her photo taken.    


My fourth chicken is a Black Australorp.  The poor thing doesn't have a name yet.  I just can't decide.  I am waiting for her personality to shine through and hopefully that will give me some insight to her name. I keep thinking, "if I can't even name a chicken, how am I going to name a CHILD!" The pressure!!! Anyway, the Australorps are supposed to be tame and good egg laying birds.  She posed like a statue for this picture so maybe I should name her Hollywood. 
Finally, we have Littlefoot.  She's my favorite, but don't tell the other girls.  Littlefoot is a Plymouth Rock hen and is the smallest of the bunch.  I had to make sure she was breathing for the first two days since all the other ladies were chirping away while Littlefoot was face down in her poo.  She just really likes her naps.  When I reach inside their little brooder (baby chicken home), she climbs right in my hand and stays very still.

I hear that these little ones will grow a lot in the next few weeks and will start to look like baby dinosaurs.  You all remember those awkward pre-teen years.  I feel sorry for them already.

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