The Girls

The Girls

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coop-Deville - Week 5

Nesting Box
Ok we're REALLY almost done now. Travis has been working so hard.  I think the coop looks really good.  It looks so good I've decided to name it COOP-DEVILLE, because it is the Cadillac of chicken coops.    
You can see we have a ramp (I built all by myself) leading to the coop where the girls will sleep, but they haven't exactly figured it out yet.   (Please see my next post about Chicken Myths to explain why, hint: chickens are intellectually challenged)  This really and truly might be their last night in the garage.  It needs to be because they are making a MESS!  It is disgusting.  I still love them though. 
We love them so much we hung out with them Friday night instead of hanging out with our friends.  Ok let's get real, we didn't have any plans anyway.  I did not put Scramble on my head by the way.  She jumped up there all by herself.  And today, she did it again.  She walked right up to me with her curious eyes.  I thought she was recognizing me and listening to my voice.  Nope, she was like "oh yeah, I like it up there on your head".... JUMP!

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  1. Your coop is absolutely beautiful!! They guys are doing a great job. I have coop-envy :)