The Girls

The Girls

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No eggs, lots of feathers...

Usually, chickens start molting from their necks.  Well, at least I think they do.  Mine, of course, apparently molt from their butts.   So, you know they've been featherless for several months now.  All of a sudden they've really slowed down on laying eggs (at first I thought it was because they found out I was pregnant) and there are feathers EVERYWHERE!   Did something get in the coop?!  I said.  Apparently not... so my guess is that they are molting.  I still think they are pecking at each other, poor Littlefoot, the runt, will never be the same.  She's a wild chicken now.  I guess she's learned to fight back since she's still alive.  Travis almost ate Dottie the other day.  He caught her attacking Littlefoot.  He was out in the coop trying to discipline her by pecking at her head.  ; ) He almost rung her neck.  EEEK!  He wouldn't do that.  He knows what kind of emotional state I'm in right now.  Oh, and another thing... not only am I getting like an egg a week, but there was an egg rolling around in the bottom of the coop.  Then, Ginger started acting strange when I let the girls out and she plopped out a soft shell egg in the middle of the yard!  She seemed sad about it so she hung out on my lap for a while...These chickens are really acting strange.

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